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Do I still get 1 Free syringe if I buy 2:

YES. This is not a temporary Sale or offer. Our buy 2 get 1 Free is our standard price. We do not intend to ever change this.

I Printed My Order. Where Do I Enter My Free Syringes?
Hand write your choice of free syringes at the bottom of the order after you print it. If you forget, you can email us or we will pick them out for you if you like.

I Don't Have a Printer. Can I hand write my order?
Yes, a hand written order is OK.

Can I pick my free syringes?
Yes. You can have any strain you like for your free syringes.

How much do you charge for shipping?
Shipping is $5.00 dollars regardless of how many you order. Whether you order 1 or 100 shipping is only $5.00 dollars.

I made a mistake on my order. How do I change it?
If you make a mistake just fill out another order and print it again.

How Soon Do Orders Ship?
Orders ship the next day after we receive them.

Do I get a Tracking Number when my order ships?
Yes. Make sure you enter your email address when you fill out your order. We will send you the tracking number after your order ships.

What kind of packaging do you use?
We use plain cardboard boxes for shipping. Click Here to see a picture of our 10x2x2 shipping box.

Do you ship to countries outside the USA?
No, USA orders only.

Why can't I get current tracking information from the Post Office?
The Post Office tracking is not like UPS or FedEx. Most of the time you will not see tracking information for the first 24 hours. Once the package is delivered it is always scanned for Delivery Confirmation and Time Stamp. Click Here to see the US Post Office FAQ page.

How Do I Order With Bitcoin?
To order with Bitcoin all you have to do is Email us your order. Hand type your order and Email it to We will email you the Bitcoin address where you can send your payment. Please don't use our regular email address for Bitcoin orders. It will get mixed up with the rest of our emails and we might not see it right away.

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